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Parent’s Handbook  -  Health & Safety

Health & Safety & Nutrition


The health and safety of your child is of the utmost importance to us.  We rely on parental cooperation to help prevent the spread of communicable disease throughout our program.


For the protection of others, if your child displays one or more of the following symptoms, please keep him/her at home:


· Severe Coughing, Causing the Child to Become Red or Blue in the Face or Make a Whooping Sound

· Difficult or Rapid Breathing

· Stiff Neck

· Diarrhea (More Than One Abnormally Loose Stool within a 24 Hour Period)

· Temperature of 101 Degrees Fahrenheit or Higher When in Conjunction with Other Signs of Illness

· Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)

· Exposed, Open Skin Lesions

· Unusually Dark Urine and/or Gray or White Stool

· Yellowish Skin or Eyes

· Severe Itching of the Body or Scalp (Including Head Lice)

· Any Other Unusual Sign or Symptom of Illness


If your child develops any of these symptoms at school, he/she will be isolated immediately and a parent will be notified to pick him/her up. Children who are ill are removed from the classroom and placed in a sick room in the front office where they will remain until they are picked up.


StarChild Academy serves a nutritious menu daily.  Should a medical condition exist that prohibits your child from eating our food we will meet with the parents to  explore options for meeting your child’s dietary needs.

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